SKATE DREAMS, the first feature documentary about the rise of women’s skateboarding, profiles a diverse group of women from all over the world pursuing social justice, equality, and personal freedom through skateboarding. With an innovative visual style, the film weaves their storylines together through intimate vérité, tense competitions, and rare archival footage showcasing the global impact of this rapidly growing community and celebrating what it means to be a young person in the world today.

As skateboarding premieres on the global Olympic stage for the first time in 2021, SKATE DREAMS tells a larger story about female skaters and the impact they have on their communities both local and global. The heightened drama brought about by COVID-19, as well as the emotional need to come together in the face of crisis, serves as an important backdrop to the stories of these remarkable women who fall hard but always get back up.

Director: Jessica Edwards
Film First Co