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Two American sisters make history by being the first women to ride solo on motorcycles across the country, in 1916.
100 years later, 100 women take the same road. 




In the year 1916. America was on the brink of entering World War I. Barred from military service due to their gender,  Augusta and Adeline Van Buren wanted to prove that women could serve as valuable Army dispatch riders for troops on the ground. Fueled by a desire to serve their country, the Van Buren Sisters embarked on a 5,000+ mile journey across the United States to prove that they were capable enough to join the war effort.
The sisters navigated precarious undeveloped roads, climbed 14,000 feet on their motorcycles to ascend Pike’s Peak, and maintained their freedom following multiple arrests for wearing “men’s clothing.” They were the first women to complete such a ride.
Not only did Augusta and Adeline make history, they inspired the next generation. Sarah Van Buren, great great niece of the Van BurenSisters, covered the tracks of her courageous relatives on motorcycle, 100 years to the day in 2016. perspective of Sarah and the Van Buren family, and the hundreds of female motorcyclists who join them on this journey to honor the Sisters’ legacy.