I am a cinematographer with over a decade of experience in the film industry. My work spans the narrative, documentary, commercial and music video genres. I’m known for an emotionally resonant, realistic style. I love the challenge of finding new ways to bring complex stories to the screen.

Sometimes I get to shoot important stories about a highly-trafficked mammal who may have started a global pandemic. Other times I get to shoot important things like Rihanna getting day drunk with Seth Meyers. I’ve made work for National Geographic, Vice News, Showtime, Channel4,  Refinery29, Greenpeace, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and The Wall Street Journal on issues ranging from gender identity, political conflict, women’s rights, wildlife conservation, to the intersection of art and technology. I’m attracted to stories about marginalized cultures and visionary outsiders.

I’m a  member of the Society of Camera Operators, I  shoot aerials (FAA-107 certified), enjoy shooting underwater (PADI certified diver), am a Phantom technician, and make my own hot sauce.

I’m a fellow at the AFI Conservatory.

Based in Los Angeles, I’m available for work worldwide.